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(Please note this is a trademark not logo order. See here for logo assistance: Logo.)

A trademark shows that your business and product/service is well-established and that you have taken an additional step in securing your rights to your name/logo.

Only R2950.00 for South African Trademark Application Assistance.
(Others charge R8000 upwards for equivalent trademark service.)
(Because our system prepares everything as soon as we receive your order, the fee of R2950.00 must be paid directly after you submit this form. Only submit this form if you intend making immediate payment. See here for many references from happy clients:

Trademark Application takes about 6 days for result.
If application confirmed, trademark may be used with ® or TM.

It is a complex procedure, but we assist you according to government regulation through the entire application process.

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To: eServices Business Registrations (Pty) Ltd, Main Road, Somerset West, South Africa, 7130
Tel.: 021 852-4444

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1 x Trademark Application Assistance (name/logo) for R2950.00

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