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A trademark shows that your business and product/service is well-established and that you have taken an additional step in securing your rights to your name/logo.

Only US$195.00 for a Comprehensive Trademark Search Application.
(Others charge $299 – $499 for equivalent trademark search.)
(Because our system prepares everything as soon as we receive your order, the fee of $195.00 must be paid directly after you submit this form. Only submit this form if you intend making immediate payment. See here for many references from happy clients: Testimonials)

A Trademark Search checks for the potential availability for a trademark to be registered in the US. It is a comprehensive Federal, State and Common Law search. It takes about 3 - 4 days for our report which is emailed to you.

It is a complex procedure but we carry it out according to our thorough and experienced procedures.

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