What is a trademark?

A trademark or service mark is a word, symbol, logo, or combination of these which is used to distinguish, identify, and represent a service or product.

How can I create a good trademark?

It is important for you to create a strong trademark that can be registered federally and protected legally.

Therefore, purely descriptive names cannot be trademarked.

For example, “Car Mechanic Database” is purely descriptive and cannot be trademarked.

But, “CarMechy Database” would stand a good chance of being accepted by the federal authorities.

Should I register a trademark?

You do not have to register a trademark with the federal authority. You could just start using a word, symbol, or logo. But it may belong to someone else, which could get you into trouble and waste your time and money, and ruin your reputation.

Federal registration has several benefits, including the possibility of legally preventing others from using your trademark nationwide.

Must I use an attorney or some other assistance like this US Trademark service?

You do not have to, but many people use an intermediary like ourselves as the process is complex and it can help you with the following issues:

  1. Comprehensive pre-search done on common law trademarks in use which might be similar to your mark and potentially prevent you from registering. (The federal US trademark office does not do this.)
  2. Ensuring correct and accurate description of goods or services to which your trademark refers.
  3. Advising you through the trademark application process concerning various possible feedback from federal authorities.
  4. Guidance concerning the use of your trademark.

What about non-USA government solicitations that may look like official USA government communications?

We state on every page of this website that the US government office is not affiliated with this site in any way. We are a private corporation utilizing the descriptive wording US-Trademark to inform people that this is where they can obtain good, value-for-money assistance in applying for, registering, and maintaining their US trademark.

We do not bad-mouth other service providers, but you should be aware of those who are not upfront about being non-governmental and let you think they are the federal authorities dealing with you. This could cost you an unnecessary waste of money and unwanted complications.

We have assisted tens of thousands of people since 1982 to register Trade Names, Trademarks, and Corporations. We would now like to assist you. You can be anyone in the world (not necessarily a US citizen) and you may apply through us for US trademark search/filing.

Secure and promote your business for more profit! Apply for a US Trademark today!