Welcome to US Trademark!

We are not the US government office. We are a corporation who assists the public register trademarks with the US gov office. We are have assisted many business owners apply for the protection of their product or service name or logo in the form of a US federal trademark.

If your application is approved, your newly registered trademark is protected in all 50 states and by common law usage worldwide.

Many people use an intermediary like ourselves to apply for a trademark as the process is complex, and it can help you with the following issues:

  1. Comprehensive pre-search done on common law trademarks in use which might be similar to your mark and potentially prevent you from registering. (The federal US trademark office does not do this.)
  2. Ensuring correct and accurate description of goods or services to which your trademark refers.
  3. Advising you through the trademark application process concerning various possible feedback from federal authorities.
  4. Guidance in the future concerning the use of your trademark.

We have assisted tens of thousands of people since 1982 to register Trade Names, Trademarks, and Corporations. We would now like to assist you. You can be anyone in the world (not necessarily a US citizen) and you may apply through us for US trademark assistance.